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Welcome to new web site!

We’ve renewed our web site!  We want to tell you all about about Musou!!


Buffet Menu

Musou’s buffet menu is finally here. Only the freshest and highest quality Wagyu beef in Sydney! Come and try it, best value for near perfect varieties with highest quality! Only $85.00 per adult & $35 per kid!!!
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What should you order from Musou?

Begin your journey with Yukke. This seasoned raw wagyu with an egg yolk on top is meant to be eaten uncooked. If you’re not used to eating raw meat, this is an excellent way to try for the first time. The texture is similar to raw fish and, there’s a complexity to it’s flavour when you begin to taste the light seasoning which involves white soy sauce, sugar and saké.


Choosing only the finest and freshest cuts of Wagyu beef with specially selected seasonings that enhance the natural flavour of the beef. 

Musou is committed to providing only the highest quality ingredients along with outstanding service. 

Our hope is for you to enjoy from the first bite until the end of your meal and return home satisfied!

cow meat portion

Musou’s Booking Terms & Conditions

  • * Tables are available for 2 hours, time start from booking time
  • * BYO is available for wine only - $5 per glass
  • * Waste penalties apply
  • * Due to customers waiting for table available, we are unable to keep your table for more than 15minutes
If you need any special requests.
Please contact us on (02) 9283 9885.

Many thanks,
The Musou Team